Queenstown to Queen’s Park!

Actually Wellington – but it’s close enough, relatively speaking!

The Southside Six would like to offer a warm welcome to our most distant competitor Jamie Calder who hails all the way from Wellington, New Zealand.

We caught up with Jamie to find out what had inspired him to make the trip.

SS6: Jamie, it’s really great to have someone travel so far to take part in our event, tell us about your journey.

Jamie: My reason for coming over to Scotland is that one of my uncle’s is getting married in Ayrshire so I have to be there for that. As for me, I was born in New Zealand, moved to Scotland when I was 3, (Mum’s from Motherwell and that’s where we ended up). I lived and studied in Glasgow for a time, making many great friends, before moving back to NZ when I was 22. I’m now with the NZ Army in Afghanistan.

SS6: What inspired you to enter?

Jamie: I keep in touch with all my old friends from the Glasgow days and one of them, Colm Tracey, has started doing triathalons and runs with a vengance. Whenever he does a run he’s meant to let me know distance and time and I try to beat it, so it made sense for us to do a run together when I came over. The Southside Six was the obvious choice!

SS6: Will you be putting in any special training for the event?

Jamie: I’ve had a number of injuries over the years (including being hit by a truck!) and this will be the longest run I’ve ever attempted. It’s going to be interesting after running over here in Afghanistan on relatively flat ground (airfields generally don’t have hills!). The high altitude might help but anyway, life would be boring without challenges!

SS6: Well, good luck with your trip over and we hope you have a fantastic time!

Jamie: Thanks, I am really looking forward to the event and just being back in Glasgow, it’s awesome!