Linn Park to Rouken Glen Park!

Section 3: Linn Park to Rouken Glen Park (approx 6.5km)

Welcome to the third of our occasional series of descriptions of The Southside Six route, following on from Stage One: Queen’s Park to King’s Park and Stage Two: King’s Park to Linn Park

  • Turn right on exiting LinnPark then left onto Nethervale Avenue
  • At the end of the road turn left onto Clarkston Road
  • Continue to Clarkston Toll
  • Turn right onto Eastwoodmains Road
  • At Eastwood Toll turn left onto and up Ayr Road
  • Continue until Davieland Road on the right hand side
  • Enter Rouken Glen Park here
  • Follow the path to the boating pond, past the café and then take the path that leads to past the waterfall
  • Follow the trail that has Rouken Glen Golf Course on the left hand side
Coming soon: Stage 4- Rouken Glen Park to Pollok Country Park