Small Southside Six Surplus!

We’ve finally gotten around to tying up all the loose ends, packing away equipment, paying off our debts, eating the left over winegums…!

Despite having such a low entry fee we still ended up with a small surplus and so we’ve made a couple of donations:

Firstly we decided to donate £50 to The Glasgow Triathlon Club. This is a fantastic non-profit organisation promoting health and fitness through running, cycling and swimming! They are a friendly and welcoming bunch who are all about helping people perform at their best no matter what their level.

Secondly we decided to donate £125 to Long Term Conditions Alliance Scotland. We heard of them through a friend of a friend, and they generously donated some stuff for the goodie bags. They are an umbrella group of Scottish charities helping people with long term conditions to live fuller lives.

Thirdly we decided to donate £125 to MND Scotland. They are a Scottish charity dedicated to people with Motor Neurone Disease, their families, friends and carers.

Finally, we’d like to suggest that you put 28th October 2012 in your diaries, there might just be a race on!

NOTE: It looks like we’re going to have to move the date of this years race to Sunday 4th November 2012.