Event T – Shirts


This year’s tees were again printed on the AWD brand in their Sun Yellow colour. On the back is a map on the route with all of the highlights marked out!

2015-tees front and back



This year saw us move away from Starworld tees to the AWD brand used by many other races. The design took quite a while this year and went through several versions before we came up with the final version which you can see below. The back tells the story of the race so far! 2014-final-design2


We had a break from the tradition of the last two years and decided not to list all the parks on the back of the t-shirt. We opted for an inspiring message instead:

Six Parks

Sixteen Miles

And a few hills

We used a lovely free font for this but it didn’t come with any numbers or punctuation! We tried a whole load of different designs for the front, moving the bits of the logo around and finally came up with a nice bold layout – we think it works quite well. 2013 Tshirts


This year’s T-Shirt was originally going to be a white print on a black tee but the supplier ran out of black so we substituted with navy instead! The design for the front was actually created last year but not used so we thought we’d give it a chance this year. The back was the brainchild of Allan after an evening spent doodling on the back of an envelope!


The design for our first ever event T-Shirt took quite a long time and went through many iterations! With lots of feedback from friends and family we finally chose the design below. It was well received with the runners of the event and it’s been great to see people wearing them while out running or at other events.


This was the first year we held the event, there were only 6 of us so we hand-printed cotton T-shirts with hand-cut stencils and fabric spray paint.